Maintaining the strongest military in the world
November 11, 2015
November 11, 2015



Making sure that we are the leader in the world.

By the United States being a leader in the world, we will have less wars, less starvation in the world and the United States will be much more secure. Stopping Iran from having a nuclear weapon at any cost which includes not taking the military options off the table.

Stopping North Korea’s aggression in their nuclear program at any cost, including not taking the military options off the table.

Stabilizing the Middle East by considering the option of putting 30,000 permanent military base in Iraq.

Taking out the Syrian’s dictator and destroying ISIS and every other fanatic extremist with all of the United States military power, and the assistance of other military powers from other countries, specifically in the Middle East.

Confronting Russia and sending a clear message that we will not allow any aggression from Russia that will in any way threaten the United States or any of its allies.

The federal government should institute and revamp security for airlines, airports, railways, cruise ships, and make sure we have the greatest safety measures in the world.

When we make a commitment to use military force, it should be approved by Congress and we must follow through with that commitment and make sure that our plan and objectives will be met.  We should be able to get in and out swiftly, using all the power of our military to do that, no matter how much power is required.

We have to protect Latin America to make sure that it does not become a breeding ground for terrorists in our Western Hemisphere.

The world must know that if the United States or any of its interests or their allies are threatened anywhere in the world, that they will face the most devastating consequences since the ending of World War II.

By being strong military and being a leader of the world also stabilizes our economy in the United States, as well as other economies throughout the world.

I believe that having the strongest military in the world and by accepting the responsibility of being the leader of the world, we will have less wars and conflicts.

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